Design Update: Arcane Streetwalker

Design Update: Arcane Streetwalker

We recently made changes to Streetwalker model with the goal of enhancing it’s aesthetics while also reducing weight. Even though all of our wheel models share the same price, we see the Streetwalker as our “flagship” design. First, windows have been given an undercut, effectively giving the spokes a narrower appearance. Next, the mounting configuration is now limited to front-register only. This is the strongest mounting type of the three (front register, sandwiched, and rear register). We’ve also engraved “Arcane Race” on the spokes in order to brand the wheels without you having to purchase the optional center caps. Our goal will always be to deliver the highest quality three piece wheel at the lowest price point possible without making sacrifices anywhere.

Aside from the visual differences, each Streetwalker center is now 20% lighter than the original.

Shown here in 18×11.0 standard step lip with tinted brushed center, bright polished outer, standard chrome plated hardware, and with optional spoke engraving.

Arcane_StreetWalker_DDT (6) Arcane_StreetWalker_DDT (2)Arcane_StreetWalker_DDT (5)Arcane_StreetWalker_DDT (7)Arcane_StreetWalker_DDT (3)Arcane_StreetWalker_DDT (1)Arcane_StreetWalker_DDT (4)

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